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What to look for in a wedding photographer beyond beautiful images for one of the most special days of your life is not an easy job.  Where do you start?  Well, of course it is important that they have experience in shooting WEDDINGS.  Many people can take pictures and beautiful ones at that, but a wedding is a whole different event to take is a living, breathing, constantly changing day that is hours long and has many emotions, personalities and faces to it.  A day that starts with a schedule (and hopefully stays close to it), but takes on a path of its own as the story unfolds.  The details of the dress hanging, perfectly lit by the sunlight through the window...waiting for you to give it shape and life.  The laughter between you and your bridesmaids as you prepare your hair JUST so.  The tear your mom or dad is holding back when they see you...their beautiful daughter.  The look on your beloveds face when he first lays eyes on his beautiful bride.  The moment the ring is slipped on your finger... THESE are the moments that will never happen again.  The moments you want to have captured, so that when you pull out your wedding album ten or twenty years down the see, remember and feel it again. 

The person you choose to capture all of this...well, it's not an easy task.  Beyond taking beautiful pictures and having the top of the line camera equipment, your photographer has to be intuitive.  Watch everyone, their behaviors and be able to anticipate reactions before they happen.  They need to be able to go with the flow when changes occur and mesh with all different personalities.  It is incredibly important as well that the bride feels completely comfortable with the photographer.  There is a certain relationship that starts to happen between the two... and the hope is that things just flow naturally.  The comfort, calmness and personality of who photographs your wedding will show in every way through out the day to you, your bridal part and your guests.  Feeling at ease and comfortable with your photographer is incredibly important.  Take time to meet for coffee, have phone conversations periodically just to catch up on how planning is going or to ask for advice in the process!  After all, your wedding photographer should be very experienced and knowledgable!  Find someone FUN too!  You will be working with this person before, during and after the entire journey of your make sure you love them!



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HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS & PHOTOGRAPHY High School comes and goes very fast! It seems like just yesterday our children were 5 and now they are graduating high school!  This is the time to capture.  Call me for info on High School Senior Pictures!  They are truly an experience and part of the journey...

Amber McHugh Photography 530-219-4561

Winters High School

Davis Senior High School

Vacaville Christian High School

and more...

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Spring Weddings at Park Winters Spring is is starting to bloom around every corner.  This beautiful seat assignment display was at my favorite venue, Park Winters. Kristle and Derrick- congratulations! 


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Why you should choose a female wedding photographer for your special day... I happen to love the male sex!  Don't get me wrong!  

However, there are many reasons I believe a female photographer is the best choice on your wedding day...

(Here are a few- in no particular order)


-You know we will watch your hair and makeup through out the day.

-You can ask if something looks "right" and we will tell you the truth!

-The relationship we build together!

-We have "been there"...

-We can help hold the dress in the bathroom if needed! ;)

-You can borrow our gloss after your first kiss is over!

-We understand the best ways to bring out your best features!

-You don't have to worry when your changing... lace or granny undies- we have them too!  ;)

-Just because we can fit in like one of the girls...all day long! 



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Inn at Park Winters Wedding Special Park Winters is a one of a kind venue, and I am so proud to serve them as one of their premiere wedding photographers!  I offer UNLIMITED PHOTOGRAPHY TIME on the wedding day!  This is a PARK WINTERS EXCLUSIVE OFFER!  Give me a call!  I will gladly meet you there!  Looking forward to getting to know you!  

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Inn at Park Winters Wedding Special PARK WINTERS SPECIAL


Planning a wedding at Inn at Park Winters for 2014/2015?  Connect with me!  I will tell you about my Park Winters Exclusive Special!  


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San Francisco Engagement Shoot! I loved shooting this engagement shoot in the city!  Romantic, beautiful and fun!  Connecting with my clients is almost more important to me than anything else!  It opens up authenticity in photographs.  They can be I am not even there.  Love it!  Can't wait for the wedding...The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco!  Beautiful!

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Beautiful Wedding at Rancho Solano Country Club  

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Pippo Ranch Wedding Pippo Ranch is a wonderful venue for the "Bride on a Budget"...outdoor style!  The staff is lovely and the food is yummy!  Really enjoyed shooting Andreia's wedding there!  

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Park Winters Upcoming Brides Andreia-34 Excited to be shooting another wedding out at the Inn at Park Winters soon!  Looking forward to seeing the beautiful scenery out there!  Such a wonderful place to capture those unscripted moments that just "happen"...oh, how I love this work!  

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Rancho Solano Country Club Photographer It is official!  I am now the main Photographer for Rancho Solano in Fairfield!  Very excited to see what this year holds with new brides and events!  Bridal show there this March as well!  Hope to see some new faces and not so new as well!  :)

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Winner-Bridal Magazine DSC_2151DSC_2151

Beautiful Bride

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New Bride for Inn at Park Winters! Yay!  Just signed a new contract with another bride for Inn at Park Winters!  So Excited!!!

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Inn at Park Winters Exclusive Wedding Package Excited to offer a new Exclusive Wedding Collection for The Inn at Park Winters in Winters, Ca!  John is fantastic there!  My absolute very favorite venue to photograph!  I love it so much, I am offering UNLIMITED TIME for photography on your wedding day at Park Winters!  Call or email for details!! Remember, nothing is set in stone with my packages!  I am happy to work with you because I love what I do!  I want you to love it too!  Get in touch!  530.219.4561

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Fabulous Bridal Show! Today I attended a bridal show at UC Davis and it was really fantastic!  I met some really wonderful vendors, who I really hope to work with in the very near future!  I also clicked with quite a few brides... which is another reason I just LOVE what I do!!  I get to make new friends!  Does it get any better than that?  Thank you for all who helped make today wonderful!  I look forward to getting to know you all more very soon! 

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FINALLY- I now have an official BLOG! Yay! Welcome to my blog!  I am super excited to finally be up on my new site with my new blog!  

I had my first bridal show for 2012 on Sunday at Solano Country Club and listed 8 new brides!  I am really happy and can not wait to get to know each of them!! 

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